2016 Film Sessions

When I look back at photos of some of the most precious and important times of my life, Grade school, middle school, high school and yes, even college…each photograph is in an album. And I have about 10; completely full. Of images, memories, notes, programs, concert tickets. These albums tell my story and hold a piece of my heart. I don’t have to click through an album on social media. I’ve always been a bit sentimental.  I mean…I’ve saved movie ticket stubs from High School.  How can that not be considered foolish, right?

When I first learned photography I learned on film.  I shot with reckless abandon, anything and everything. When I look back at those photos now I see the potential that I once had as a photographer.  Potential I never really knew about or looked at with an educated eye. I bought my first digital camera in 2007 I thought I was onto something.  But actually, my photography skills took a step back.

Its taken me almost 10 years to return to where I started.  Film.

I am grateful for the journey that photography has taken me on; there have been countless tears, heartache and soul searching.  But I can honestly say that I feel as if I know myself better as a person, a wife, a mother, a friend and an entrepreneur as I’ve developed who I am as an artist. Most of the time I no longer feel threatened by someone whose skills are far more developed than my own. And I’ve come to embrace what I’ve felt called to in serving families with images they can treasure for a lifetime.  

So this year I am offering FILM SESSIONS for my clients; its where I started and I want to get back to my roots as a photographer.  Right now I am offering these sessions for $175.  Here are some of the details you’ll want to know:

1 roll of film 

1 set of 4×6 prints (with an option to purchase additional printed or digital images)

1 set of web resolution images for social media use

There are very limited sessions at this price, you can click HERE to reserve your 2016 film session. 

film promo

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