3 Lesson’s I’ve learned doing a Personal Project || Tacoma Family Photographer

The thing about doing a project where you take a photo a day is that you catch a lot of moments that you wouldn’t normally catch with an iPhone. I started this personal project in November as a way to grow as a photographer, but I’ve learned a lot more about myself as a mother in the process.   I want to share a  few lessons that have struck a chord in my heart.

1) ALLOWING MYSELF TO FOLLOW A VISION : Shooting for myself has allowed some freedom and creative license with the images I take every day.  In many ways the fear of what a client might think about my image is gone.  I don’t worry about if this print will be purchased or who I am trying to impress.  I am free to use poor lighting, a quick moving subject.  I can choose a quiet candid moment, or I can create a posed portrait (so long as my subject cooperates).   I have a voice with these images.

2) I AM LEARNING WHAT I AM CAPABLE OF: Every day is new, an opportunity to challenge myself.  Some days I have an image in mind, some days I want to stop time and remember a moment.  I am acquiring an intimate knowledge of my strengths right along with my weaknesses.  I am getting better at understanding lighting, mood and movement in my images.  I have learned to be patient in waiting until the right moment to get the image I want.

3) BE PRESENT WITH MY SON: Even though I have my camera by my side nearly all the time these days, I have to remind myself to live life along with him, not just take photos of what he is doing.  There have been times where both my husband and I are BOTH taking photos of Taylor and I have to just put it away.   I’m not sure when there became this obsessive need to document, filter and post nearly every moment of our day; but I feel this tug on my heart when I wake up and realize that I am just a historian rather than a participant in Taylor’s life.

 I am only three months in, there are so many stories already told.  I can’t imagine what these next nine months hold.  Okay, so because I’ve posted over 100 +  images on my facebook page, but there are over 1000 that haven’t been shared, I wanted to take a minute to show you some of the moments that are precious to me…I apologize in advance for such a long (long) post!


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  • Hi Devon,
    I just discovered your website after signing up for Made to Create. I just wanted to say I love your photos, they’re beautiful! Photography seems to have found me this past September and I hope my photos will one day be as great as yours. It’s funny to see all the territory you have covered in Tacoma, you go to all of my families favorite places. Looking forward to meeting you!
    Emily Hogan