7 weeks to go

Can you believe that Its already been 33 weeks? I can’t. And in 7 more weeks we’ll have a baby to show off to the world. You will probably get sick of the photos.

(you kind of have to get creative to see the features here…but baby Takenouchi is about 32 weeks old).

Everyone tells us that we’ll make great parents… But I can’t help but be just a little skeptical. Maybe because I am intimately aware of my own insecurities and cracks in our marriage. Its not that I believe we are fatally flawed – because in the grand scheme of things we are pretty normal, healthy people. It’s just that the weight of caring for another human seems to press down so heavily it feels like the whole of who I am will get crushed.  I’ll say it out loud here ~ I’m afraid of losing who I am.

I know I am selfish…I’m working on that.

The problem with working in the field of counseling for so long is that it has created a fierce introspection that I can’t run away from. No matter how hard I try. I watched this video the other day about vulnerability and nearly everything this woman was saying resonated with how I am feeling

If you get a chance you really should watch it…thank you Tofurios for putting it out there a couple days ago.

I suppose by pouring myself out like this is for my own benefit and I thank you for your patience allowing myself to expose my heart and fears.  Shaun and I started this photography business for when we begin our family…to help support ourselves and to give our family a chance to be together as much as possible.  To allow me to work from home.  To follow a dream I’ve had for a long time.  Now that we are actually going to have a baby its time to spread our wings and fly with this business.

Thanks for keeping us company!  Hope to hear from you soon…I promise to be better about posting okay?!  Okay.

peace out.

devon michelle

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