A post for Spring

A couple weeks ago I spent some time with the Streib Family…they had suggested going to Van Lierops in Sumner, WA.  Usually I try to post photos of people, which everyone wants to see…but sometimes I just need to post for myself.

So today I post flowers and trees…photos that I can imagine anyone with a camera and a little spare time could take.

But I like to take them too…

There is something about jut looking at pretty things. Its a form of worship to enjoy those quiet moments of beauty. I’m allowed to worship this way.  I’ve got a newfound freedom in allowing myself this pleasure.  I taken joy out of God giving me this gift and opportunity in this season of my life.

Maybe its a little selfish, but I need to do it.  I want to always enjoy what I’m doing.  With both passion & sincerity ~

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