my story

I am a photographer
I don’t just shoot photographs, I stop time
I search for those moments that make a statement
And I want that statement to be powerful.

I want to see.
Retell a story through images.

One Saturday Shaun and I were walking through the farmers market and we ran into another teacher from Shauns school. I was introduced and we were chatting for a couple minutes when thus co-workers wife remembered that I was a “professional” photographer. I oh so humbly replied that I was “working on it” and would like to be a professional photographer one day. we had a little laugh, wrapped up our pleasantries and moved along to purchase out farmers market flowers.

Later Shaun, from what seemed to be out of the blue, turned to me and stated boldly…

“Devon, you ARE a professional photographer…
you have to give yourself more credit.”

Gulp. I know what Shaun said is true. And it’s getting more and more true everyday. I think part of me is afraid that it will one day be gone, that I won’t really get to be a photographer. But I know that I’m in it now, I’ve spent many hours pouring over developing who i am as a photographer…learning my style, my photographic signature to abandon it now.

Learning how to retell a story.

I’ve been thinking about this. I trained to be a counselor, spent so many hours reading and sitting in classes. Learning to facilitate groups, conduct individual sessions and asses for problems. I trained my ear, my mind and my heart to listen to someones story…to ask the right questions to draw a person out.

I can be an active and attentive listener so that other person can feel truly heard, and I didn’t do it so I could manipulate then, but because I wanted to know, to see them.

Have you ever stopped to think about how rare it is that someone really listens.
Without trying to fix.

I use my ears to hear….I use my words to retell their story. It will always be in the fabric of who I am to listen.

I was blown away as I thought about this. Now I get to use my eyes. I am retelling a story using MY EYES. Using images, not what I hear and not what I speak. How cool is that? It like I’m learning a whole new way to communicate to people that they are beautiful. They have worth. They are loved. That they have joy in their life…

Someone asked my a couple weeks ago what my philosophy is on taking photographs. I paused for a minute, I had never had anyone ask me before. And chuckled to myself as I said

“have fun”

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    clickcrunch - i love your work. keep it up!ReplyCancel

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    Tabitha - Hi I am trying to contact you to see if you can do my Wedding. Your website wont let me see the contact info. It looks like its messing up a little. Please email me or call me! Thanks,

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