Alexander Turns Two | Tacoma

The story of Alexander began last April, when he came to live with Chris & Alyssa…and was legally adopted last July!  I can hardly believe its been over a year since he joined the family.  Since then I have seen him grow, watched him move from a crawler to a walker, a babbler to a talker and from a toddler to a little boy.  In May of this year he turned 2.  What a blessing this little man has been to everyone who knows him!  God Bless you Alexander and Happy Birthday Kiddo!


Alexander saying hello to his newest “cousin” Taylor 🙂 Loved introducing the two little men!


I couldn’t help myself…had to sneak in one of little Taylor 🙂 it was the first party he’s gone to…



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  • Devon these are so wonderful! Thank you for making our sweet boy’s day so special! We will always treasure these photos! Love you!