Angus Family || Seattle Family Photographer

Hands down my favorite moments of this family session was singing the ABC’s with these girls.  Although I love having one kiddo, its moments like singing the ABC’s makes me want to have a larger family. A family session can be filled with emotions, happy that we are finally making family photos happen, despair after realizing that we aren’t getting popsicles until after the session, and joy when we are able to get the perfect shot!!

But sometimes, even with the best of intentions, family sessions can be hard. It starts off great, but one kiddo gets tired and it seems to be contagious. In these situations I look to the parents and how they handle things under pressure. In this case, sweet little Phoebe was done with photos before they even started. And I was so impressed how everyone just rolled with the punches!! Sara and her crew were able to switch gears, play in the water and enjoy the amazing sunshine that we’ve been experiencing. I just adore this family, these girls who have welcomed me into a small corner of their lives.


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