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Yes…I’ve shot boudoir. And yes, I love it. And yes, this post will contain just a bit more skin than we normally see around here.

Ashley has always pushed me to become a better photographer because she encourages me to push the limits on my capabilities. She contacted me and wanted to shoot a boudoir session for her husband…and shoot it with film! Of course I grabbed a couple shots with my DSLR for instant gratification, but I was not prepared for the scans that came back. Every. Single. Frame…I loved them! I am so convinced that film is where I want to live when it comes to pushing myself creatively!

In a moment of honesty, I went back & forth about whether or not I should post these images. On the one hand, this blog is about families and seniors. On the other, its also about a creative process. I don’t often admit that I like the images I create, but I was really proud of this session. The frames echoed with the confidence that Ashley has in who she is. And that encouraged me.

A quick note: To reiterate, I don’t normally post the boudoir work that I’ve done, however Ashley was more than gracious and willing to let me share a couple images of her session and we worked together to create this post…don’t worry though, I’ve saved all the horribly scandalous images for just Ashley & her husband to enjoy!!

**Nikon f100, Ilford HP5 400, The FIND lab **


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