Bartholomaus Family || Kent Family Photographer

Imagine my delight when I got the call from Angela to come out and work with her family again! The first time I met them, their son, Tristan was just a baby…and now he is an amazing older brother.  And little Addy was just a doll.

It is such a blessing to be able to see clients multiple times ~ I really feel like I can understand some of the family dynamics that go on.  All the little moments that are silly, dramatic and messy that make up what a family is; they can be crazy but they are the most rewarding. Those moments that won’t mean a thing to the rest of the world, but they mean the world to my clients…that’s why I’m there.   I love when we have tears during our session,  I love when personality comes out in my clients…because that’s what is real.  Sometimes life doesn’t go according to what we expect, and the beauty is in the mess.  Thank you for inviting me into your life and your home Bartholomaus family…you and your love for your kiddos blesses my heart.


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