my first “day off” in two months, i am in my sweats, cold coffee from two hours ago and pandora on the ihome next to me.  i am supposed to be editing (well, i am editing) but i was caught off guard.

i am editing the photos from the Streib family from two weeks ago.  and i’ve laughed as i’ve remember shooting with them at Van Lierops…Claire was SOOOO grumpy that day.  I thought, “man, oh man, i’m blowin it with this kiddo today”.  I have so many intense little looks that she gave me.  nothing we could do that day was enough to cheer the poor thing up.  we fed her, played with her, let her wander.

in the end she just wanted mom & dad.

thats when i found this beautiful, breathtaking moment.

i’ve known laura for nearly 10 years. we met in a psychology 101 class at Western Washington University where we sat and made fun of the professor for the strange socks she was wearing…i’ve known laura as a roommate, a peer, a mentor, a friend…

and now a mother.

i remember this moment ~  Laura picked up little Claire and rocked her and just smiled as she looked at her baby, probably thinking about about fast she is growing up and a little frustrated that she didn’t know why she was fussy.  they swayed and cooed at each other for a minute before Laura put her down again so we could continue the shoot.

i love this moment.

by the way.  i got a text later from my friend Laura.  Little Claire popped in a new tooth that afternoon.

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