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I was so delighted when Ben & Jessica contacted me to shoot their intimate wedding overlooking Chambers Bay!  It was a wonderful, sunny day full of friends, family and celebration of a beginning.  As I stood back and watched, I could see the relationships between family members and friends and how each person loved both Ben & Jessica.  I was touched that it was all so simple, there wasn’t any huge, elaborate decorations or bouquets…it wasn’t about those things.  It was only about them.  It was about love.  It was about uniting together and making a commitment both to each other and to their loved ones.

I firmly believe that this is what weddings should be about.  Thank you and hugs to you both, Ben & Jessica, may you be blessed in your adventures.


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  • The pictures are lovely and captured the significant events. Of course I think you both were even more beautiful and handsome that day then the photos
    captured so photo shop might do the trick. The ceremony was one of the best I’ve attended and you could feel the love and closeness in the group.
    It is a highlight memory for me and I was do glad to be there. I love you.

  • Wonderful photos of a very, very moving event. I congratulate you both on what you have achieved in bonding together to forge a new and promising life together. Having both “come through the waters” of life’s losses and challenges, you are now on a new journey that you have worked hard to launch. The ceremony was a testament not only to your love for each other, but also of the love of your families and friends for you… and our support of your new life together. May it bring you great comfort, peace, courage and joy as you continue to face your many challenges and opportunities. We love you both, Ben & Jessica.