Brandon & Jessica | Surprise Mothers Day Shoot

Growing up my cousins and I were close…like crazy close and we almost had our own language close…Jessica and Brandon were the two youngest (out of 8 of us) and poor Brandon was the only guy.  He was a pretty good sport to put up with a bunch of older girl cousins.  And Jessica, I have a special place in my heart for her since she went up to WWU and I got to play the role of the protective older cousin and keep an eye on her while she was away from home!!  (not like she needed me to do that, she is amazing!)

So when they called me up about mid April and asked if I would have a chance to take some photos of the two of them for their mom (Aunt Vanette) for mothers day ~ I said OF COURSE I WOULD!!  I have just loved watching these two grow into adults.  It was such a blessing even to do a mini shoot with them and get to giggle and laugh and see how goofy they were together.  I was informed that Aunt Vanette will like the LAST photo the best…it captures the playfullness and the spirit of the Mower family.

I couldn’t agree more!  I love you guys!!  Happy Mothers day Aunt Vanette 🙂



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