Brandon & Olivia’s Engagement | Bellingham

This last Sunday I got into my car and drove to one of my favorite places on earth…Bellingham. There I met Brandon & Olivia. Olivia was a middle school student back in the day, I can’t believe she is getting married! That makes her officially grown up and me officially…old? Sheesh.

I am amazed by the beautiful person Olivia has become ~ It was awesome to reconnect with her and meet Brandon. We couldn’t have asked for a better day and I couldn’t have asked for a cuter couple to spend the evening with!

Apparently Brandon had this ring for several days before giving it to Olivia…at one point the two of them were at dinner and he set in on his phone, right in front of her!! He didn’t say a word while she squirmed wondering if this was “the moment”. About two minutes later he put it away.

he… put… it… away…. mean. mean. mean.

(he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him later that evening…but still…)

Oh October can’t come fast enough!!  I’m excited for you both!! Congratulations Olivia & Brandon ~

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