Brian & Emily Holden | Tacoma Wedding

Wow, wow and WOW.

Thank you Brian & Emily for letting us take part in your day!! Thank you for being brave, for being intimate, for being silly and letting us tag along.  Brian, thank you for loving your dear Emily and making her your WIFE!! Emily, thank you for letting Brian be your hero.  The Lord will bless your marriage ~ we are so, so excited for you both!

Emily is a cheer coach…this should explain the next photo a little 🙂

The Holden’s win the award for the “most people in a family photos” ever.  I may or may not have broke out into a cold sweat when Emily asked to do this one (only joking…kind of).

One of my favorite moments of the entire day…Dad praying over these two before they drove off!  What a legacy he is leaving!!

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  • AHHHH Em!! I wish I could have been there! you made a fantabulously beautiful bride! I am so happy for you! May God Bless your union! I love you Cousin!

  • Beautiful images, Devon! You did an amazing job…and for the record, that many people in a family photo would have made me break out in a cold sweat and then pass out!!

    • Heehee ~ thanks Tara!! also for the record…i was shaking when Emily said “lets get everyone…”. glad we did it!!

  • Hey Devon,

    I was wondering if I could garnish a good handful of photos from you for my website, in exchange (of course) for photo credits. I’m super excited to see what else you have, flower wise, as these look amazing!

    Thanks so much!


  • Can I just say that the family picture is still one of my ultimate favorites! You did an awesome job! I still love all these pictures!