business plan

Ick.  This is the kind of practice you go through because I KNOW it will make me a better person.

No.  Wait.

It will make my business stronger.  There, thats it.  I went to a photographer meeting last night (because I’m a photographer now) and I heard the speaker say “you have to build your barn before you build your house” or something along those lines.  He was quoting it from someone else, and here I am…probably infringing on someone’s royalties or something.  But thats not the point.  The point is that I have to have discipline in how I run this business.  Because if I don’t…it won’t matter if I am the greatest photographer in the world…this will eventually burn and die.

I don’t want that.  This means too much to me.

This is tedious, tedious work.  And it makes my head spin thinking about plans, goals, vision and how I am going to get there.

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