can i stay in bed today?

i’m in bed writing this.  i usually have big dreams of getting up early, working out, walking my dog…but i have to face it.  i’m not perfect.  so i remain in my PJ’s with my lazy dog, listening to the morning news on NPR spilling out of my radio.  its raining, but i expect that.  its november here in washington state.  i’m just glad i have a macbook…a desktop computer might be a little cumbersome to have in bed with me.

i saw a movie with my friends last night after a long day at work…and as i walked to my car i was thinking about the changes that i’ve gone through in the last couple months.  about how i am looking to freeze moments in time for people, figuring out which moments to hold.  trying to discern the beautiful from the ordinary and knowing that i cannot re-create anything i’ve ever seen before on the photoblogs of all the very well known and amazing photographers that i stalk follow.

i was also thinking about how some photographers get bigger than life and i wanted to make a commitment that i would never, ever let that happen to me.  not that it would ~ there are a lot of photographers out there.  i just want to take pictures.  i don’t necessarily care about what is going on out there…i mean i do, but i don’t.  does this make sense?  there is this community of photographers out there who are amazing, and i want to learn from them and be challenged and have community.  i enjoy how each photographer has their own unique perspective, its beautiful and encouraging and challenging.  what i don’t enjoy is the competition that i feel….

i wasn’t built to really claw my way to the top.  i was built for community.  genuine, sincere community. is that possible in a small (but getting bigger) circle of people who all want their work to get noticed?

in the meantime.  my dog is still asleep and i’m still in my PJ’s. lazy us.

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