Carpenter Family | Dumas Bay Centre

I’ve always joked that growing up teasing was my families love language…so I just want to let you know that I immediately felt right at home with this playful family! As a photographer I walk into some pretty interesting family dynamics. The tone of the session is set by so many factors!! How the parents respond to their child’s behavior…how was the commute on the way down, does one kiddo hate their shirt, was there a fight in the car on the way to photos, which siblings get along (and just as importantly, which don’t get along!)…so many little things can happen that alter the interactions between family members. AND it shows in the images we create together! As a photographer I need to be sensitive in how the relationships between family members might play out. Being sensitive to the currents of emotions between family members will help me craft an image with the clients I work with.

Seriously, though, I really was hoping to get an invite to this family’s Christmas party!!


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