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My Own Sweet Family

There is no better way to celebrate Valentines day than to recognize the ones that I love most in my life…my sweet boys Shaun & Taylor. There is truly nothing I wouldn’t do for them. They have


Before I met and married Shaun I used to travel.  Like, almost every weekend I was “on the road and I loved” it kind of travel.  I soaked up seeing the world in any way I could, I always

5 Tips for Amazing Family Vacation Photos

One of the benefits of owning a photography business is that I get to document my families life with really pretty images.  While there are times that I end up just taking my phone along because I

Taylor Turns Five

He is my muse. My source of energy and exhaustion all in one afternoon. My little tornado in a bottle. He is my Taylor. Today, at 4:59 am he turned FIVE years old.  There is only one Taylor, but some


Can I be honest for a moment? This year has already been a year of growth, both for the good and for the hard. When this year started I made a commitment to myself to push myself in mastering film.

Golden Hour at University of Puget Sound

Back in January we had some pretty amazing sunny weather.  It was cold, but amazing.  I wanted to take advantage of the sun so I bribed my sister with some Thai food and she agreed to let me shoot a

These are the moments

These are the moments I want to hold onto. As Taylor is growing up I am forgetting the little baby moments…but I am holding on so tightly to every smile, laugh and giggle that he gives us now.

Snoqualmie Pass Field Trip

For many, a trip to the mountains is about snowshoes and ski-lifts, for photographers its about practice! January is often a slower month for me, so I really want to take the time to learn new skills

Hope Bags – Angel Wings Foundation

Let me tell you about this little organization that waltzed into my life several years ago.  My dear friend Holly saw a need in her community, and knowing that she couldn’t do it alone she

Finding my tribe : Made to Create Basics

We have hosted a lot of classes through Made to Create in the last year, but the Shooting in Full Sun was by far my favorite to teach and to learn about. I have long felt comfortable shooting in

Scholz Pumpkin Farm

Last week Taylor took a fieldtrip with his classmates…I didn’t grow up visiting a pumpkin patch every October.  We usually picked out pumpkins the size of our heads at the local

Garden final

Its finally fall. But I remember back to early Spring, before everything had sprouted or bloomed.  My mom and I spent a quiet afternoon in the greenhouse.  We talked about the season that is to come

Sun Valley House

On November 28, 2012 I got the call that my uncle had passed away. You can read the story here.  There has always been a long history of heart problems on my moms side…but we never expected it

Zion Turns One

Those blond curls.  Don’t they just captivate you…then you move to his icy blue eyes and quickly are engaged by his infectious smile. I’ve watched this kiddo grow from a wiggly baby to a wiggly

Summer Ice Cream

We have had a crazy, unseasonably warm spring and summer in Tacoma.  So early that my neighbor and I cleared out the space between our houses to make a garden. So warm that our lawns were brown by

Family First

Its not every day you get to photograph your grandfather’s wedding!  My dad and I had long conversations in the weeks leading up to this wedding; long talks about second chances and gifts that

Taylor Turns Four

I don’t think you are ever ready for a baby, but they come and your heart is changed. I know I wasn’t ready for Taylor. This last year Taylor ceased to be a baby, or even a toddler, but

Stanley Family

Last week, when the weather here in Washington was crazy warm, Liza & I were stretched out on a blanket in her yard.  I looked up and saw the blue sky behind the evergreen tree.  Just behind that

Taylor + Bear

Some of my dear friends had their baby today.  They spent 9 months waiting, praying and preparing for this little baby to join their family and the wait ended this morning. When they sent me the

Community || Tacoma Portrait Photographer

Its no secret that I started my photography business to help support my family once we had a son.  Yes, its been a stretch after I stopped working 18 months ago, but the financial sacrifices that

Taylor || Tacoma Family Photography

We will not let January get the best of us. Not if I can help it. Even though its cold and damp he still wants to go out and plan in the wet sandbox. I’m okay with that…it means he is

Hawaii || Tacoma Family Photographer

Sometimes it seems like a dream, that we get to spend the holidays in Hawaii.  But if I was being really honest, its a lot like any other family visit…except that its sunny and there is a

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

When I think of Christmas, memories of my childhood are what I recall.  In the days leading up to Christmas we would drive around and look at lights as a family.  We would go see Scrooge and suck on

Thanksgiving || Tacoma Family Photographer

I know that I’ve mentioned it before…but I go into his room every night to give him a final kiss on his cheek.  I whisper “I love you” into his ear and I pause, just for a

Taylor || Tacoma Family Photographer

We took a walk today.  We turned off the TV and didn’t listen to the news.   I didn’t worry about contracting Ebola or how that he is a small child in a big, scary world.   I decided to

Carly || Tacoma Film Photographer

Fall in Cle Elum is absolutely breathtaking. The world shifts into yellows, gold, soft browns and red…the air smells different as the sun filters through the trees. Its as if the forest is

Making Memories || Tacoma Family Photography

I’ve woken up and realized that no one is going to make my family memories for me. It really hit home when I was at my parents cabin about 6 weeks ago flipping through some old family albums.

Abigail || Tacoma Newborn Photographer

Abigail is four months old already…and I couldn’t have been happier to have the chance to celebrate with a mini session! Abigail is as smiley and happy as can be – her parents are

Paleo Fudge || Tacoma Food Photographer

I first saw it on my friend Leah’s Instagram and knew, immediately, that I needed it in my life. In college I was constantly on the hunt for good chocolate. Never having enough money I would

Taylors Daddy || Tacoma Family Photographer

If you would have told me that I would meet the father of my son in Tacoma I would have never believed you. I thought for sure my future belonged in Bellingham. But God had other plans when he called

Baby Abigails Adoption || Tacoma Family Photographer

The Holstrom family has waited for baby Abigail for nearly a decade. She was born on March 21 in Federal Way, she had some health complications and was transferred to St. Joe’s in Tacoma. Chris

The Surprise || Tacoma Film Photographer

Last week, when it was windy and raining sideways, I came home from running errands and found a box on my doorstep.   I picked it up carefully and brought it inside…It was clearly marked

Made To Create || Tacoma Photographer

A couple weekends ago marked the completion of a huge, huge personal project. I co-hosted a photography workshop with another local photographer, Chelle Nicole Photography.  From the moment this was

Baby Zion || Tacoma Family Photographer

About three weeks ago you got to see Liza and her adorable bump… on May 8th Liza’s bump turned into a BABY.  There is something so amazing about how a mother transforms again and again

Liza || Tacoma Family Photographer

When Shaun and I got married I moved into a house that Shaun had bought about a year before. I didn’t know the neighborhood, or the people who lived next door. We would see them come and

Weekend Away || Tacoma Film Photographer

This last year has brought about so many changes for our family.  Shaun in his second year of school, finishing his internship in Gig Harbor and starting the application process for  School