Chad | Gig Harbor Senior Photos

I’ve worked in and around the foster care and Department of Child and Family Services offices for a couple years now.  I’ve seen a lot of kids with horrible experiences of being moved from foster home to foster home…its heartbreaking to hear the stories of adults who manage to break free of the fostercare system only to have lasting scares.

I loved when Nancy called me to ask about getting some  Senior Photos for her son Chad.   He was adopted into their home 10 years ago.  He has been an exception to the rule – and a blessing to his parents since the day God placed him in their life.  I loved the moment during our time together when Nancy said “if only all those social workers could see him now…they would be eating their words!”.   The bond between Chad and his mother was a joy to witness – I could tell that Nancy has a genuine delight in her son and encourages him to explore his passion and dreams…and in return Chad respects and honors his parents in everything he does. It is not often that I see that in an 18 year old!!

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