Chris & Stephanie Davis | Gig Harbor Wedding

Deliciously happy.  This is how I would describe Steph & Chris by the end of there wedding day.  Tonight as I was reviewing the wedding images for the first time I notice the images at the beginning of the day were clear, sharp as a tack in the anticipation of the day.  As the day progressed Chris & Stephanie seemed to ease into their new roles as husband and wife.  It was comfortable; like pulling your favorite college sweatshirt over your head after a long day.  My images got softer, gentler by the end of the evening.  I was drawn to the images that left Chris & Steph in a literal blur of emotion, I let them stay there to soak in the newness of “husband and wife” . To have made these images sharp, clear, would have invaded their moment.

Congratulations Chris & Stephanie, many blessings in the futre!


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