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Stanley-6358.jpgStanley-6361-2.jpgStanley-6359.jpgStanley-6360.jpgStanley-6357.jpgStanley-6355.jpgStanley-6372.jpgStanley-6375.jpgStanley-6385.jpgStanley-6415.jpgStanley-6422.jpgStanley-6435.jpgStanley-6441.jpgStanley-6454.jpgStanley-6412.jpgStanley-6391.jpgStanley-6397.jpgStanley-6406.jpgStanley-6442.jpgStanley-6450.jpgStanley-6446.jpgStanley-6452.jpgStanley-6470.jpgIts no secret that I started my photography business to help support my family once we had a son.  Yes, its been a stretch after I stopped working 18 months ago, but the financial sacrifices that we’ve made have been worth it.  I know that I will never get this time back with my son.  An absolutly lovely consequence of staying home full time…I get to build community with other moms.  Mom’s who have bad days, just like Taylor and I.  And mom’s who have good days, just like Taylor and I. I guess I always knew these moms were out there, but I never expected to be in community with them. Thats the thing, as we all run around our busy lives I hope that we can remember to be in community with other people.  My life is richer because of those that I call my friends and family.  When I look back at the childhood that we’ve created for Taylor I want him to smile with the memories that he has with the people around him.

These images were from a random Tuesday morning, there were a couple moms and their kiddos who met at my neighbors house.  The sun flooded in through the windows, the kids squealed with laughter as they chased each other around and the moms connected.  Simple and beautiful.

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