Crescent Lake Family Reunion

I have to be honest, I get a little self-conscious when I photograph other photographers.  Okay, really,  I break out into a cold sweat thinking “what if my lighting is off, what if I’m not funny enough, what if they had something else in mind…”.  I constantly compare myself to other work I’ve seen or what I should have done for the session together. I was absolutely floored (and honored) when Autumn invited me to join her family reunion up at Crescent Lake this summer.  It was a crazy day but so, so fun!

This boardgame…its called “Wahoo”. It is a family tradition to play. and play and play. In fact, this family made up the rules of the game (and tried to explain them to me…)  I hear things can get quite heated if played with the right crowd.  Every. Single. Family member mentioned Wahoo too me during my time with them – really – they LOOOOOOOOOVE this game.

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