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It started in the fall. Then we were rained out. Then sick, then on vacation…to be honest, I didn’t know if it was going to happen!!  Until one day we actually found ourselves in the middle of our session…The one that we had talked about for months!

Thats the thing about becoming friends with clients, you want it to be perfect, you start to dream about what look or feel you want for your session,  you shop together for the perfect scarf (or Autumn texts me from H&M to get ideas!).  A funny story about how this one came together…it was supposed to be a mid-century aeronautical theme.   But then our location fell through and everything took a different direction.  But I’m so glad that it did.  We each put so much thought into every detail.  Every prop has a story, a sentimental value.

OH.  And I shot film.  FILM.  Its happening.  Nearly every session I shoot (that doesn’t involve toddlers) I want to grab my film camera.    I want to tell all my clients to have their session done in film, then get huge prints.  I am telling you film is made to be printed.  The images on this blog, they look wonderful…but they look a million times more wonderful printed.   If you think about it, digital cameras speak the language of computers.  That is the medium the images are designed to be viewed on.  However, film, was never intended to be digitalized.  It can be scanned and manipulated like a digital image, but the more that it is altered it loses some of the magic.  Films original design was to be developed, washed, dried and enlarged into the images that we see on our walls.  The ones at your grandparents houses and hanging on the walls of museums.  The photos that you would run back into your burning house to save.

To learn film is to photoshop before the image is taken.  I think I’ve had it wrong for a lot of years, I would take the image and it would become my canvas…spending hours changing the photo to fit what I believe it should have looked like to begin with.  But my way of looking at photography is shifting.  I set the stage and paint the picture before I even pick up my camera.

** Nikon f100, Fujipro 400H, 50mm, theFINDlab **


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  • January 28, 2014 - 11:36 pm

    Autumn - We love working with you, Devon! You’ve captured so many special moments for us through the years and we look forward to seeing you excel in film sessions 🙂 You’re a very talented, beautiful lady!ReplyCancel

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