Destination Vegas | day eight

We are now back on the road, we just left Shauns family back in Long Beach after spending the evening with them at Shelcie and Danes apartment. I haven’t done to many blog posts the last two days because, well I’m sure no one wanted to hear stories or see photos from the pool at the Encore.

We did however go to see Le Reve…shoooot. I had been warned by MeRa about it was visually breath taking. She was right. From the moment it started I was choking back tears. When did I turn into such a softy?!

After 8 grueling hours of driving we finally reached Petaluma, CA. The KOA we are camping out at has got to be the biggest (and loudest) campground I’ve ever been too. It has just about everything, including the kitchen sink. Pools, letting zoo, wireless internet, giant bouncy toys and an outdoor movie. It I were completely honest I would have to say that this is not real camping.

The drive was amazing, rolling hills of farmland…from what I could tell there was lots if vineyards and orange groves. All this was nestled between tired mountains, rolling foothills that had already paid their dues and were nearing retirement. As far as mountains go…they don’t even compare to the ones in Washington, but that’s okay. California mountains can rest easy in the heat of the desert.

I wish I could show you some photos…but in all the traveling we’ve done I’ve managed to lose my card reader. Blast!! We had some really fun images of the windmills as we were headed into San Fran tonight. I suppose you’ll have to wait until we get home on Tuesday… As for me…I am going to drink some decaf coffee by the fire…

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