Destination Vegas | day four

Again…it’s so late – we didn’t get in until after midnight. If you know Shaun at all, you know this is a late night for him! I first have to explain that I didn’t bring my d90 with me today…the baby nikon point and shoot fits better in my purse and is easier to carry around in the 106 degree heat. Now that I know a couple things about photography using a point and shoot camera drives me up the wall. So the photos are fun, but not the best quality 🙂

A couple thoughts of our first full day in Vegas

1) no, I don’t have any interest in seeing a peep show, strip joint or any other naked women for that matter. Thanks for the offer, it’s real sweet but no.

2) Its hot out there…and cold in there. How is a girl to dress appropriately?

3) Caesars palace is, by far, the BIGGEST establishment I’ve ever seen. We got lost at least three separate times trying to find our way out of that place. No joke. I consider myself good with directions but sheesh. I suppose it’s a marketing tool…easy to get in but can’t find an exit to save your life. They figure all the blinking lights and over prices hand bags will satisfy you for a while.

4) the gondola rides at the Venetian were cool, our gondolier were cooler and her voice when she sang to us was the highlight. I’m not gonna lie, I choked up a little when she sang. Honest.

5) I’m pretty good at penny slots. Turned $2.00 into $60.00. Not a bad turn around eh? Shaun on the other hand…I’ll let him fill you in.

6) it’s still hot outside.

7) 10:30 pm, all those nice tourists I saw all day walking around come out to the nightclubs. It makes my wonder what people see in that kind of lifestyle. On that note, my cloths are too cutesy to wear here…I need to buy something a little trashier to fit in…

I hope you get a kick out of my thoughts so far – I’ll likely have more tomorrow!!! Love hearing back from everyone – don’t be shy out there!!

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