Destination Vegas | day nine

Driving through the Sonoma foothills and vineyards inspires me. It seems to peaceful here, I could spend hours here with my camera…

Passing through the town of Willits I was curious as to what the next 200 miles held for us – I’ve always heard that heading north on the 101 is some of the prettiest parts of northern California, we’ve always wanted to check it out…it’s a little surreal that we are actually here.

I was able to get some really fun pictures of the California countryside ~ the mountains had patches of burn from past wildfires. I could see the bald ground that looked out of place with the lush fields and mountains all around them. Eventually we hit the coast (and the cold, damp fog). The incoming marine layers spilled over the protective hills reminding me of passing over Snoqualmie pass heading west.

The Redwood forest is amazing, these giant trees surrounded us and kept us company all the way to the Oregon Coast…once we got there I kept on thinking Cannon Beach would be just around the corner. It played with my mind for a long time since we have miles and miles and miles of coast to traverse before getting to Cannon Beach.

Although I can’t put up too many photos right now ~ I can’t wait to show you the pictures from “Confusion Hill”. We stopped there to use the bathroom, but got sucked into a complete tourist trap. I mean complete. They even made up and animal called the chickalope and sold stuffed animals of them (which were 50% off and which we passed up, this time). Apparently “Confusion Hill” was named because there is something funky going on with the gravitational pull there. Pay $5.00 and you get to walk into this slanted house and it seems like you are standing straight up, but in reality you are standing crooked, oh, it also made you feel nauseous to be there. And according to their compass the water is flowing north, and looks like it is flowing uphill? Is this unusual? Maybe I missed that day in science class. We paid the $5.00 to check out the house, bought a milkshake and felt the satisfaction of getting a good Highway 101 experience. Can’t wait to show you the photos.

At any rate, it was another long, long day of traveling. But we made it to our KOA, built a fire cooked up some chili (yikes) and are closing up our road trip. Its over tomorrow. I can hardly believe that its already been 10 days, but it has been so so worth it. I won’t trade these memories for anything.

Tacoma better get ready, because we are rollin in tomorrow.

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