Destination Vegas | day one

Well, we’ve hit the road…the car is packed (not quite to the brim), coffee consumed, quick prayer for protection and grace, the american life playing on the iPhone plugged into the auxiliary Jack… Yup it’s a road trip. So far nothing life changing. But I think there is sometimes unrealistic expectations that things will be life changing on a road trip.

Sitting at our campsite, a KOA in Pendleton Oregon, I couldn’t quite consider this “roughing it”, i mean I can still hear the freeway just beyond the fence. That and I’m typing a blogpost. But there are still bugs (lots of them) ~ and we cooked with a camping stove. Tonight we will be sleeping in our tent with the stars overhead…I’ve been looking forward to this part of the trip since we started talking about it 5 months ago.

It is gorgeous here ~ our campsite overlooks the rolling hills of Eastern Oregon, which is not unlike those of Washington. They remind me of my childhood camping with my parents…my dad would find these insane logging roads and haul our trailer up there. It would usually be dark out by the time we stopped traveling so we never saw where we were staying until the morning.

My dad always knew the best spots to camp ~ we would wake every morning to explore. Usually there would be huckleberry’s to pick to mix in with our pancake batter. Or we would have landed next to a creek teeming with trout waiting to jump into our frying pan. If the spot was REALLY good we ended up staying there for a couple days. I miss the days of camping with my parents ~ there are so many priceless memories.

Now Shaun and I are being given a chance to create memories of our own and I hope that we can build a legacy of enjoy the outdoors…however I think I have a long way to go since I’m still blogging, while I’m camping…

Anyway ~ today we started out this morning ~ car packed and poor Toby thought he was going with us. (he is safely at home with Jessica!!) We stopped at Bonaire Winery in Zillah (10$ to anyone who knows where that is…) and made our first road trip purchase… we later stopped at a dollar store for wine glasses. We arrived at our campsite around 6:30, just in time to cook dinner and I could beat Shaun at a game of cribbage.

Tomorrow we head south to Twin Falls, I guess we will be following part of the Oregon Train (according to my dad) so I am hopeful that we will see some beautiful mountain areas. We have about 6 hours of driving tomorrow but plan to make a couple stops along the way…Can’t wait to see what we see.

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