Destination Vegas | Day Two

Here we are, day 2. We survived our first night and we were back on the road by 9 AM this morning. We hopped back on I-84 heading east. Through the Blue Mountains, and into Idaho. We tried to stop at the Oregon Trail, however quickly learned that the Oregon Trail is closed on certain days. Can you believe it? I took a photo of the CLOSED gate as proof.

Even though we couldn’t go and see the actual trail…I took a photo of the trees beside it, those pioneers have always been Herod to me. I was astonished by what I saw as we drove southeast towards Las Vegas. Sometimes living in the Northwest I don’t have a deep sense of American History (as least not compared to being places like New York or Boston). But I am reminded by the shear vast-ness of what an amazing journey was taken to get to the Northwest. Those pioneers had to have had some creativity to make it through the deserts, rivers, mountains and rolling plains alive.

We saw…HUGE windmill blades being driven down the freeway. I mean these things are the size of like city blocks, and they are attached to two trailers and taken to where they will be hoisted up to create electricity. So I type a blogpost while I’m camping. As we drove down the road we could come across these fields filled with these windmills and, as funny as it sounds they are breathtaking really.

Another funny thing was the mouse that was hanging out at our campsite. I posted a video of it on my Facebook page. that thing wasn’t scared of anything. And maybe a little gross.

We made it to our KOA in Twin Falls around 5 tonight and got cooled off in the pool…even as I am typing this…the kids are still swimming. Its 9:45pm. I love camping…I used to do stuff like that. I mean who wants to stop when you are having a good time?

Lastly, the sunset tonight. It took my breath away. Please keep in mind that the photos the I post this week have been retouched on the ipad and in no way do them the justice they deserve. actually, no photo could have captured tonight.

needless to say I was like a kid in a candy store with the light…would have given my left arm to have an engagement session out here. I guess a photo of Shaun and I will have to do!!

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