DeVeeler Family | Bellingham

“I wish there was a way to know you are in the “good ol’days” before you’ve actually left them”  -Andy Bernard (Ed Helms), The Office

My chest tightened as I pulled off the exit in Bellingham a couple weeks ago.  I caught my breath and held back tears as I drove down streets so swollen with memories.  Life was so different when I lived there, so surreal.  If I ever imagined that it would be over so quickly I would have slowed down and let it sink in more often.  I know this is overly dramatic.  I know this is dripping with sentiment, but I just can’t help myself.

Its get better though…my reason to travel up to Bellingham was this amazing family. I met Kelsie when we worked together as counselors before I moved down to Tacoma.  I got to know her best our last year of working together, when she was pregnant with her first daughter.  If Avery only knew how much her mom and I dreamt about who she would be, the hours spent giggling and chatting about her pregnancy and anticipation of building a family!!  Her daughter was born about a week before I moved; I have watched her grow up over Facebook, so it was such a blessing to have a chance to spend time with her and her sweet sister Ellie.

Going up to Bellingham to meet with this family is so timely as they are on the brink of a huge transition.  Greg, who is an amazing graphic designer (see his work HERE), brushed off his portfolio, left the company he had been at for years and took flight in building something new, dynamic and amazing. Civil focuses on brand strategy and storytelling focused on…Food!! I’m already completely jealous, because lets be honest, how fun would that be?  They have pieced together a great team and have hit the ground running with some amazing vision and talent.  If you get a chance please go check them out and spread the word.

Greg and Kelsie are also celebrating TEN years of marriage ~ what a testament to their children!!  Heck, what a testament to me! I have always admired how they have complemented each other. Long before I ever met Greg I heard about how amazing he was all the time. Watching him support and guide Kelsie through motherhood and following her passions has been a blessing and an encouragement.  Now she is behind him 100% as he is following his dreams.

Thank you Greg, Kelsie, Avery, & Ellie for welcoming me into your home and showing me a snippet of your life!


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