Downton Abbey | Collaborative Styled Shoot

Brace yourself for a long one!

You know the post I did a couple days ago about Nick and Ashley…?  Well Ashley is actually the whole reason this collaborative shoot ever happened.  It started out with a “snarky” (my favorite word BTW) comment on Facebook, but ended up becoming something much, much more amazing than a snarky comment.  In fact this whole project grew legs and danced around me, taunting me for nearly 3 months. I wrestled with it for weeks before moving forward.  I questioned if I had the time, the talent or the connections to make it happen.  But, as with anything, if there isn’t struggle, there isn’t growth.  So we moved forward with the project.

Before I get ahead of myself here is a list of the fearless team that participated:

Patricia from Crow & Iris (Jewelry)

Emily Holden from Sweet things by EH (Cake, cupcakes and macaroons ~ YUM!)

Taylor with Taylor Pinkham Floral Design (Flowers)

Sarah Sonntag from LoLi Urban Hair Design (hair for Ivy and Lanae)

Melissa Anderson & Alisha Wood from Chemel (Hair & Makeup for Jessica & Lisa)

Melanie Peterson from Vanity Boutique (clothing for all models)

There were FOUR amazing models  Jessica, Lisa, Ivy & Lanae

And there were FOUR photographers (besides myself) to document it all!  I’ll link their names to their blogpost of the same shoot so you can see how each artist sees a model differently; Ashley Ronelle Photography , Katheryn Moran Photography, Gabriel VanWyhe Photography and lastly Timmyshoes Photography.  Keep in mind we were all working within a couple hundred feet of each other but we each brought our own unique eye, passion, humor and individuality to the shoot. It’s amazing to me how we can each see something so different in a location and use it to our advantage ~

The whole afternoon really was lovely, things came together like a dream! Although the images from this day came out beautiful on everyones part, this event really wasn’t about the photos for me.  It was about the process of pushing myself to explore a different side of photography.  To step outside of what I am comfortable with and meet new vendors, to collaborate, and get people excited for a vision.  I guess it was a “rally the troops” moment.  I decided that I wanted to shoot film for some of the event.   In all honesty it was hard!  I got all dry-mouthed when I was working with the models (and I kept checking the back of the camera to see what I got…oops!).  In the end, most of the detail shots were done with film; there are a couple shots with the models that were film.

When it was all said and done I was so, so, SO tired but I wouldn’t have taken back any of the struggle it took to bring it all together.  The process made me a better person and a better photographer.  I hope  you have a chance to enjoy these images; take the chance to explore the story from the other photographers point of view and get lost in the magic of the decadence of the early 20’s.

**This shoot was shot with about 25% film…the expired Kirkland Signature stuff…**


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