Emily & Harli | June Film

This month I made an attempt at shooting some film with clients! I had the hardest time trying to decide how I would post this shoot…Both Harli and Emily are 2014 Seniors from Graham Kapowsin High School…And they have each participated in my Legacy Sessions. I will have a full post on their Legacy session in the coming week but for now I have to say that I am proud of myself for putting these amazing gals in front of my film camera!

I have to say that I am still trying to get used to the different texture and feel of film. I see some photographers and I can hardly tell that they have used film outside of the colors. The images are clear and crisp – hardly any detail is lost. I’ve been using a lab called The Darkroom for my scans, but I believe that I will be trying either Indi Film Lab or Richard Photo Lab for the next time around. Both labs seem to be highly recommended, but the cost difference will be hard to swallow. Its worth it though if I want to get better at this.

**Shot with the Nikon F1 and Fujifilm 400**


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