Family First

Its not every day you get to photograph your grandfather’s wedding!  My dad and I had long conversations in the weeks leading up to this wedding; long talks about second chances and gifts that the Lord has in store for the children he loves.  Without getting into too many details, both my grandfather and Lorella suffered the loss of their spouse the season before they met each other. When their relationship became more serious my father stepped into the role of “protector” and tried to explain to Lorella that Grandpa was in poor health. I’ll never forget hearing that she just laughed it off and continued to love my grandfather.  We did not anticipate Grandpa would have a completely new outlook on life.

My dad had the honor of giving away and marrying his own father.  With our whole family by his side, we welcomed Lorella.  My heart bursts with JOY knowing that their relationships is a blessing and a gift. I have never seen my Grandpa smile like they way he did on his wedding day.



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