To Taylors Dadddy

This year we get to celebrate a holiday that we haven’t celebrated before as a couple…sure we’ve celebrated OUR Dad’s and with good reason they are both amazing! …but now I get to celebrate my husband as a father. The last two months have been a steep learning curve for both us ~ I’ve seen a side of Shaun that I had never seen before with another person.  All the sudden he has been plunged into a world of diapers and formula, replacing his world of computers and gadgets.  His gentleness towards our son brings tears to my eyes as every day we are realizing that the life of this infant is completely dependent on our care.  The reality of having and raising a child is sinking in for the two of us, realizing how much our life is changing and will continue to change.  Shaun has embraced these changes as only a father could. I can’t imagine going on this journey with anyone other than Shaun…thank you for being an amazing husband and father.

Shaun at the hospital, holding our baby boy.  Taylor was only about a hour old here.

undefinedWhen we brought Taylor home, he was so, so tiny…it was so amazing to see Shaun care for his newborn son.  To watch him cuddle and snuggle this little baby made me so happy.  Taylor didn’t mind either!

As Taylor is getting older, and more alert by the day Shaun is taking it in stride and wanting to teach and show him everything.

undefinedEven though this one doesn’t have Shaun in it I though I’d through this in here so you all know how absolutely endearing our little boy is 🙂 I mean, who could resist a face like this?  No wonder Shaun is smitten!!
undefinedHappy Fathers Day Shaun…I love you with all my heart and can’t wait to see how we grow

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