Finding my tribe : Made to Create Basics

We have hosted a lot of classes through Made to Create in the last year, but the Shooting in Full Sun was by far my favorite to teach and to learn about. I have long felt comfortable shooting in shade or on cloudy days…but shooting full sun in the mid afternoon was enough to make me want to run for the hills. But we were teaching it, so we HAD to learn it! And I’m so glad I did, I am no longer fearful of mid day sessions and can walk into difficult lighting situations with the confidence that I’ll be able to deliver the best images to my clients.

But there is another reason for my post today, I wanted to confess that for a long time I felt lost in the photography community.  It seemed like such a social job to have, taking photos of people, however much of our job is done after the shoot when we are sitting behind that screen editing photos, returning emails and making sure that all our social media outlets are being fed new content. The Basics classes have been such a wonderful way to come out from behind my computer and build relationships with other Tacoma photographers. As I look back over the last three years of working with Made to Create I recognize that there are relationships that have been cultivated that I may never had made if I wasn’t involved in MTC. I feel like I’ve found my tribe, and I am hopeful and filled with joy to know that we are building a stronger photography community.

If you are interested in taking one of our Made to Create Basic’s classes information can be found on our website.  I would love to see you there this year!

full sun-0695.jpgPIN
full sun-0699.jpgPIN
full sun-0707.jpgPIN
full sun-0720.jpgPIN
full sun-0732.jpgPIN
full sun-0739.jpgPIN
full sun-0743.jpgPIN
full sun-0753-2.jpgPIN
full sun-0767.jpgPIN
full sun-0777.jpgPIN
full sun-0785.jpgPIN
full sun-0788.jpgPIN
full sun-0795.jpgPIN
full sun-0798.jpgPIN
full sun-0845.jpgPIN
full sun-0851.jpgPIN
full sun-0864.jpgPIN
full sun-2.jpgPIN

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