four christmas's

Shaun & I celebrated Christmas this year, not just once but on FIVE separate occasions.I brought my camera to capture some of the Christmas glee and (in no particular order) here they are.  (by the way, this post includes only 4 of the 5…the 5th is a week long celebration…in Hawaii…its okay to feel bad for us, we are “pretty miserable” here in the sun.)

SOOOO, I want to hear about what you got for Christmas, I obviously got the good looks in the family, Carly got the good hair and mom the best smile.

Shaun got a new head-shot.  HOT HOT HOT.

Aunt Kathleen & Aunt Kim hard at work on Christmas day…hmmm Turkey. unfortunately they got to do dishes.  how did that happen?

besides getting great hair, Carly was also given a great ring (notice her hand…) from her fabulously good looking sister.

so glad Grandma Mower could be with us this Christmas!  Life is always better when buns Grandma is around.

much, much better.

Grandpa Turner made sure dad and uncle Mike were entertained.  which we all appreciated.

Toby got pretty tired after winning the “ugly christmas sweater” contest at the mall.

Dad gets another shout out for making Shaun & I this KILLER coffee table.

Carly (good hair) celebrating with Jessica as she got to GRADUATE from Western Washington University two weeks ago.

Jocelyn got her good looks from her mother Chantel and her flair for theatrics from her father Garrett.

brandon got a new facebook picture…

Shaun & Garrett catching up…the only reason I put this photo in here

is so you knew who these legs belong to.

my dad got a new hat (which makes him look like Chuck Norris) but which my Grandma Mower promptly stole.  Sometimes you really have to keep an eye on her.

What an amazing and blessed Christmas we had…I couldn’t have asked for anything more amazing that time with my family and friends!!  Coming up soon…the STINK EYE post.

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