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When I was involved in youth ministry in Bellingham we had this thing called “Life on Life ministry”.  It meant that we sat with our friends through the hard times and the joyous ones. We take the good with the bad and allowed the Lord to move and speak as he will.  It meant my hearts desire was to live out Christs love, no matter what.

I felt like we were living out a little of that “life on life” ministry when I met up with Micah and Rachel this last weekend.  This family is especially dear to my heart as we handed off the Junior High youth ministry to them a little over a year ago.

THEY. ARE. AMAZING.  It is such a blessing to see them thrive in Youth Ministry, bringing an energy and a fresh vision to the Youth of Destiny City Church.  I’ve never questioned, not for one minute, that the Lord has anointed them for such a time as this.

Then Rachel got pregnant with their first baby!!!  The months of preparation, prayer, planning…On January 28th they welcomed Baby Thayden into their world.  I have to say it was one of the most peaceful sessions I’ve done.  Watching these two accept parenthood with such humility and grace and JOY.   I saw Rachel with her confidence in being a new mom; it is beautiful.  Micah hardly left sweet Thayden’s side, he is already so proud of his boy.

Thank you for trusting me with these moments Micah, Rachel and Thayden….

Micah and Rachel didn’t find out what they were having…so Thayden was a surprise!  They saved the pregnancy tester and had a pink and blue ribbon tied around it ~ it was time for the pink ribbon to come off.

There are just so many intimate details around their house…Each item holds significance for Micah and Rachel.  All the blue glass was collected when they were dating and its everywhere around the house.  It is absolutely amazing to look around and see the history of who they are as a family.

…Hardly left his son’s side…

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