Preparing For Your Session

What to wear for sessions is a question I get all the time. Once that session is booked, the panic sets in and the shopping starts. I am hoping this will help reduce your anxiety about what to wear for your photo session.  I’ll keep these short and easy to read-nobody has hours and hours to read through clothing tips!


This seems like a no-brainer, but if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing, it will show in the images.  People want to see you in clothing they would recognize you in, so keep elements of your “everyday style” in mind when you are assembling outfits for your session.  I encourage clients to wear a “base layer” such as jeans and a tank top or t-shirt. Different items of clothing can easily be quickly layered to create different looks for your images. And you don’t have to change your clothes behind a bush (just sayin’).


Gone are the days where everyone has to match in family photos. The trends today focus more on color coordination.  Complimentary colors are a palette of colors that work well together.  Family members or individuals can mix and blend colors and patterns to help express their individuality.  A great website to look for coordinating colors is  Check out the “search by color value”-it’s a great tool to facilitate creativity for your session!



There are so many different patterns, colors, accessories and swag (yes, I said swag) to add personality to your photos.  There are endless possibilities with layering and adding fun pops of color to show personality in your images.  Using coordinating colors and patterns re-enforces the individuality of each family member.  Layers add texture and depth to your images. Also keep in mind the mood and style of your house and decor. These images will be hanging on your walls and in your picture frames. You are much more likely to show off your images if you put time into planning the details of your wardrobe.  These photos are an investment, it’s worth the extra time going above and beyond with what you are wearing. If you want more creative ideas for layering and accessories, head over to my Pinterest to get inspired!


Although we all love our brand names, we don’t love them in photos. Brand labels can be distracting from the real subject.  The only exception is when the logo itself is making a statement.


Yes, by all means, focus on your hair and makeup!  You might be surprised by what the camera picks up. You might see lines you never knew you had! That being said, it’s worth taking some time to apply makeup to accentuate your beauty and hide any blemishes.  I would encourage the ladies to use a shade darker for photos to accentuate your eyes and even out your skin. If you are confident in your makeup skills, go for it! Or you can look into getting your hair and makeup done at a local salon.  I mean, really, who doesn’t love getting all dolled up for a couple of hours?


Choosing a location in the Pacific Northwest can be daunting. Keep it simple and meaningful to you. Places to avoid might include parks with a large amount of flowers or blooms. Although they are pretty to look at, the overly colorful flowers can distract from the true subjects of the photos (a few exceptions might be an apple or cherry orchard, a vineyard, and tulip or daffodil fields).

Consider the time of day for your photo session. The best times to capture great photos are earlier in the morning (ideally before 11 a.m.) or within 90 minutes of sunset on a bright sunny day. If your day is overcast, generally anytime during the day is okay. If it is raining, this is something we can work around if you are open to doing photos in more covered, urban locations.

  • Fun Location Ideas: Skating rink, ferry, bowling alley, bus or train, laundry mat, library, bus station, under bridges or deserted roads, skate park, arenas or stadiums, go-carts, soda fountains or old diners, fairgrounds, large fields, barns, downtown or urban garages, railroad tracks
  • Fun Props to Bring: Balloons, games, books, children’s stuffed animals, pets, any memento that is important to the family, musical instruments, cars that have sentimental value, old chairs, picture frames, chalkboard, banner
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