Gile Wedding | Pullman

I thought we could start off with a little something to wet your appetite for more of this wedding!!

Hold on because it was simply one of the most original and crazy weddings we have experienced all summer. I should also warn you, this is a long post. But its like a good movie, its over before you know it and you’re sad because its over and you want there to be a sequel. Oh. One last note. You MUST read this post to the end. The Vows. You have to read the Vows. K. agreed.

The image below should say a little something about the kind of night we are about to have…

In case you were wondering, yes. I did take entirely tooooo many photos of these shoes. But I’ll spare you and only show you two.

Finishing touches…

and off to a wheat field…

Dear Pullman…thank you for having some killa wheat fields we could play in.

Then off to meet Josh!

“hey guys…right here…look here. we don’t have a whole lotta time here…”

folks…I’m not sure you are ready for this.

yes, yes, yes. this actually happened.

I know you think the Vows should be here, but they are coming later.

okay. I know its getting late and you need to put the kids to bed…but PLEASE stick with me. read the rest until you get to the “vows” you have to read the vows!!

Josh: I promise to own more camping and outdoor gear than furniture.
Jill: I promise to own at least three different species of animal at one time.
Josh: I promise to own the most ridiculous car on the block.
Jill: I promise to own enough books to fill a library.
Josh: I promise to choose the worst movie in the video store every single time.
Jill: And I promise to say “That’s nice dear” when what I really mean
is “I’m bored.”
Josh: I promise to do the dishes 24 hours late
Jill: I promise to nag you under the guise of “it’s in your best interest.”
Josh: I promise to protect you from the zombie apocalypse
Jill: And I promise not to eat your brains if I’m turned into a zombie
during the zombie apocalypse. We’d like to thank everyone who is
here, who has put up with the craziness of the past few days, we are
only the people we are because of those who surround us, so we have
you guys to blame!
Josh: Thanks to all the help from our parents spiritually, emotionally
and financially. Our friends who put out chairs, formed a band, and
who we couldn’t be luckier to have. To all of you who drove and flew
a ridiculous amount of miles to be here with us: we appreciate it,
here’s to you guys!

THANK YOU!! Josh and Jill for having such a fun time on your wedding day!! God Bless you in your marriage!

~ Devon & Shaun

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