Golden Hour || Tacoma Senior Photographer

Golden Hour: a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer compared to when the Sun is higher in the sky.

As we move into the fall the days get shorter, the mornings have a chill and we see pumpkin spice everything.  The Pacific Northwest has these amazing Indian Summers where every night, just around dinnertime, the light becomes delicious and golden.  And I always loved the light…but really struggled to truly capture it in all of its glory.  When my dear friend Chelle offered Golden Hour Mentorship sessions I knew this was my chance to learn from an amazing example of someone who really uses light to her advantage.  Really she uses it as a second subject during her sessions.  It was magical to watch and see how she manipulates her session to make the best advantage of the light available.

SO I met a fun group of photographers and models down at Chambers Bay and we got our practice on.  I loved these images so much that I wanted to share a couple with you!  When you are calling to schedule your session remember that the BEST light is in the evenings…and we should take advantage of it before its gone and the grey sets in.

golden hour-34711.jpggolden hour-3473.jpggolden hour-3477.jpggolden hour-3480.jpggolden hour-3499.jpggolden hour-3529.jpggolden hour-3464.jpggolden hour-3461.jpggolden hour-3518.jpggolden hour-3560.jpggolden hour-3557.jpggolden hour-3545.jpggolden hour-3558.jpggolden hour-3562.jpggolden hour-3586.jpggolden hour-3587.jpg
golden hour-3591.jpggolden hour-3593.jpggolden hour-3623.jpggolden hour-3634.jpggolden hour-3596.jpggolden hour-3649.jpggolden hour-3660.jpggolden hour-3657.jpggolden hour-3681.jpggolden hour-.jpg

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