Golshanara Family | Duvall Family Photographer

I’ve never wanted to have another baby.

There. I’ve said it. And I mean it. But I know that I need to change my mind. This year more than any other, I have felt the weight & significance of the connection that siblings have with each other. Every time I walk away from a family session with kiddos my heart aches for Taylor to have a sibling.

Walking away from this session, looking again at these images and the affection these boys have for each other, and for their parents, makes me think twice about building a family. About how siblings (although they fight, and bicker, and wrestle and break things…) go through an experience that no one else in the world will have. If God wanted to chip away at my selfish heart, get it to soften to building a larger family, this is the way to do it.


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