Goodman Middle School 8th Grade Celebration

Its that time of year again!!  School dances…we’ve all been to them and now I’m taking photo’s at one! Its become an annual tradition for Shaun & I to pay Goodman Middle School a visit for their 8th Grade Celebration ~ since Shaun was a teacher there up until February of this year it was a little bittersweet for him to go back and visit all the kids who are moving onto High School next year.  As always we had a GREAT time with the kids and staff at the dance ~ I thought it would be fun to post the photos!  They should be going ont in the mail in the next week or so ~ we are so excited for all you 8th graders out there!!  Don’t forget us when it comes time for your Senior Photos!!


Several times throughout the dance the kids decided they wanted to collectively take one huge, group photo.  It was kind of like trying to fit as many clowns into a slugbug…we had a good time though 🙂


One of my FAVORITE images of the night…kind of a “Wonder Years” moment 🙂  Thanks you middle school.



Until next year Goodman!  Have a great summer & best of luck in high school graduating 8th graders!!


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