Graham Kapowsin High School Prom || Tacoma Senior Photographer

I remember my prom…almost every detail of it.  From the way my date asked me to attend with him, to the dress I wore and the nervousness I felt as we drove to  Seattle to dine and dance with friends.  It was 17 years ago for me, and the memory is fresh in my mind.  I loved high school, I loved my friends and the adventures we went on.  And this year, I’ve loved having the chance to be a small part of the class of 2014 .  I love knowing that the memories they’ve made are ones that I helped to capture.  That someday, one of these seniors that I worked with might look back and reflect on these images to remember their year and these moments.   Then again, I might just be a sucker for being overly sentimental.

This last year I had the privilege of working with a huge group of kids from Graham Kapowsin High School.  Needless to say, most all of us connected over social media before our sessions were even over…so it was amazing that as Prom and Graduation drew near I had the chance to celebrate along with them. I watched my seniors gather, dress up, celebrate their accomplishments and toss the caps into their air as they walked through that right of passage from a child into an adult.

 Not only did I get to see the graduation celebrations, but the kids that contacted me to do their senior photos were friends, so I also had the blessing of having amazing and encouraging interactions many of their parents.  As a photographer who highly values personal relationships (and a touch of sentimentality), being welcomed into the world of these families who are celebrating made my heart melt into a pile of goo on the floor!  Thank you to the Graham Kapowsin Senior class of 2014 for such an amazing year and please know that this photographer is praying for each of you as you step out and do amazing things!


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