Grandma Turner

On Friday morning I got the call.

The one that I had been anticipating this last week ~ the one telling me that my sweet grandma Turner had passed from this earth to heaven. My family has been watching Alzheimer’s eat away at her memory for the last three years…Alzheimer’s is a dirty, nasty disease stealing your memory, your family and your life. My grandfather asked me to scan and make a slideshow for her funeral, and I’ll be honest, its strange to see her so full of life again as I wade through photos of family trips, gatherings and celebrations. My grandmother was a photographer as well – so this means that she took lots of photos, but few with her in them. In fact I learned on an old Canon A1 she loaned me 10 years ago. I loved so many things about her:

she introduced me to coffee

she used to knit tiny stuffed animals

she collected frogs, they were all over her house

her laugh

her ability to raise really evil and mean cats (I’m sure grandpa helped with this one)

her amazing gardens

she wrote letters

she knew and studied our family history, she informed me that we are related to robinhood

I still can’t believe she is gone. It has just started to hit me…but I know that it will get real at Christmas, family BBQ’s, Thanksgiving…all the events you are supposed to have a grandma at.

I wanted to share a couple photos – because I want you to see who I am talking about. These were taken at my cousin’s wedding two years ago. Grandma was more aware then, but we were on the edge of loosing her. It was so good to see her smile and dance with my grandfather. She will be missed by our family…

I love you grandma..say hi to Jesus for me…

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