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In early January, Taylor and I made a trip down to Astoria and Cannon Beach down in Oregon. We were blessed to be hosted by one of my oldest and dearest friends, Kim and her family. I can safely say that Kim and I have been dear friends for 20 years. (TWENTY YEARS!!) That’s two decades. We walked together in high school, kept in contact in college, participated in each others weddings…and now we are raising families. As kids (and by kids, I mean 17 and in high school) we joked about being old ladies together, sitting on our rockers knitting; those days are approaching faster than either of us would like to admit!

I am so grateful that we have lived life together, and continued to stay in contact even though for a vast majority of our friendship we have lived in different cities and even different states. I love that the foundation of friendship we established 20 years ago has stood the test of time.

This first image is especially poignant to me. This is Kim’s family, and my son right in there with them. It’s an image that I could have only dreamed about when Kim and I met in the 7th grade.


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