Harli | Graham Kapowsin High School Senior

Back in June Harli, Emily and I got together …I wanted to work with these girls on a project that I called the Legacy Sessions.  All to often we just produce “pretty pictures” with little meaning behind them.  My heart ached to create something that would evoke the memories of this bittersweet time of life.  So I spent some time with Harli before the session, we met and just talked (and talked and talked and talked).  We talked about what she has learned, what she wants to remember when she looks back and what is driving her to move forward in life.  We talked about the struggles and the victories that she has faced and how they have made her a better person.

She has a heart of pure gold, soft spoken and tender, her laughter is contagious and she is a loyal friend.   Harli, I am amazed by who you are and pray that the Lord will continue to direct your life as you finish your Senior year.


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