Hawaii || Tacoma Family Photographer

Sometimes it seems like a dream, that we get to spend the holidays in Hawaii.  But if I was being really honest, its a lot like any other family visit…except that its sunny and there is a beach.  And I got a sunburn in December.  But still, a lot like any other family visit.  We have family dinners, go on walks, BBQ in the yard, run errands, and spend countless amounts of hours playing legos with Taylor on the floor.   Since some of our trip we were sick I didn’t take as many photos as I normally would have, but we did get the chance head to the beach for our cousin’s first birthday as well as outings of our own with Shaun and Grandpa.

**Images taken with a Nikon D610 and Iphone, editted with VSCO presets**

Selah-5339.jpgiphone hawaii-1635.jpgiphone hawaii-1649.jpgiphone hawaii-1655.jpgiphone hawaii-1763.jpgiphone hawaii-1620.jpgiphone hawaii-1588.jpgiphone hawaii-1595.jpgThis particular visit was bookended by sickness, which I suppose can also be like other family visits.  But this time we landed at the Doctor’s office to get an inhaler for Taylor.

iphone hawaii-1679.jpgSelah-5357.jpgSelah-5356.jpgSelah-5343.jpgSelah-5341.jpgSelah-5399.jpgSelah-5361.jpgSelah-5365.jpgSelah-5367.jpgSelah-5371-2.jpgSelah-5376.jpgSelah-5395.jpgSelah-5334.jpgSelah-5335.jpgSelah-5374.jpgSelah-5342.jpg

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