Hoffman Family

Nicole, who is a friend of Heather, called me and wanted to schedule a surprise family shoot for her husbands birthday.  I couldn’t say no to THAT now could I?  Especially when the family is THIS adorable.  Honestly, I think they may have single handedly ruined all other family sessions for me 😉

They were just ooooooozing with love and affection ~ I can’t barely stand it ~

So naturally where do you think I went to get the images of the family on the dock…yeah.

Although Nicole informed me that the kids don’t “always” get along…I’ve never seen a cuter and more affectionate brother and sister!

The things poor mom and dad had to go through to get these images 😉

  LOVED the tenderness between Mom & Dad!!

Hoffman Family, please please call me EVERY year from now on so some of your charm, laughter and playfulness can rub off on me 😉

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