Hogan Anniversary Session || Tacoma Family Photographer

At Made to Create I talked about my passion for film photography and how intimate it can be shooting a roll of film with 15 frames in comparison with a session and 200 digital images. You treat each image, each moment much more carefully knowing that this will be your one chance to capture this moment.

Emily contacted me asking to schedule a film session with her husband in celebration of their anniversary and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to document their journey together.

**Pentax 645, Fuji 400H, The Find Lab** 2014-08-18_0035.jpg2014-08-18_0025.jpg2014-08-18_0026.jpg2014-08-18_0023.jpg2014-08-18_0024.jpg2014-08-18_0032.jpg2014-08-18_0029.jpg2014-08-18_0027.jpg2014-08-18_0030.jpg2014-08-18_0031.jpg2014-08-18_0033.jpg2014-08-18_0034.jpg2014-08-18_0022.jpg2014-08-18_0036.jpg2014-08-18_0037.jpg2014-08-18_0038.jpg

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