In the bag

When I start to explore photographers I often wonder what they’v got in their photography arsenal. Then I start to wonder if anyone has thought the same about me. Then I start to get all weirded out…like who in the world would CARE what I am shooting with. Then I decide I have got nothing to hide and tell myself I should share, just in case someone out there had a burning desire to know and were to afraid to ask.

I have nothing to hide, in fact, I want people (especially new photographers) to know!! SO here we go.

Nikon d300 digital camera body

Nikon f100 film camera body


17-55mm 2.8 AF Nikkor lens { also known as BIG FATTY }

85mm 1.4 Sigma prime {yet to be named}

50mm 1.8 Nikkor prime {also known as the EYEBALL lens}

35mm 2.0 Nikkor PrimeĀ {the new favorite}

Kelly Moore || Libby {my workhorse of a camera bag}


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