James & Lexie | Tacoma Engagement

Funny story about James & Lexie…

Back when Shaun & I were middle school youth leaders at Destiny City Church James was one of our youth leaders…he was our “wild card” leader…you know, the one that occasionally drove a motorcycle and always made the kids laugh.  THEN he had to go and get a cute girlfriend (Lexie, of course).  James, seeing what a catch Lexie was, spent more and more time with her…and less and less time with us youth leaders.  SO I said to Shaun, we better see if Lexie is interested in being a Middle School youth leader, otherwise we are going to lose James!

Lexie was newer to our church, we’d chatted a couple of times and she has an amazing story to tell. She had also recently re-dedicated her life to Christ; I wanted to be a part of her journey and saw so much strength in who she was. Her heart was so soft towards these young girls and she has this gentle, natural leadership.  The afternoon that I sat her down at Starbucks and asked her to pray about joining our youth team I felt like I was asking her to prom!  My heart was beating, my palms were sweating…but she said yes!  This was nearly three years ago.

It has been such a joy and an honor to work along side James and Lexie, in friendship, life and in ministry.  You can imagine the genuine excitement both Shaun & I feel as James and Lexie are preparing themselves for marriage.  Having the chance to do an engagement session gave me a chance to see their love and affection for each other ~ They have a natural playfulness that I hope comes across in their images.  I hope you enjoy!


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